overview picture four Ondes VCO modules

Ondes VCO

The Ondes VCO is a eurorack compatible re-creation of the original 7th generation Ondes Martenot oscillator with several improvements and additional synth-friendly features. Currently in stock, videos and sound samples will be coming soon.

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Ondes VCO patched up to Therevox ET-5 Detail shot of controls on Ondes VCO showing switches and sliders

A rare legend re-imagined

The Ondes Martenot is one of the first electronic musical instruments, originally designed in 1928 by cellist and wartime radio telegrapher Maurice Martenot. In the 52 years that followed, the instrument was in continous development. By 1975 the vacuum tubes were replaced by solid state electronics allowing for many new and unique timbral combinations. We have revived these sounds from original schematics provided by and with guidance from Jean Landry, who was responsible for repairing many Ondes Martenot in Canada.

From the original discrete triangle core oscillator to the specialized wave shapers and mixing circuits, these sounds are now available for modular synthesis. The layout and function of each switch has been preserved to make this oscillator an ideal performance tool, and three independent switchable outputs can be used to patch unique destinations in the spirit of the Ondes Martenot's selectable Diffuseurs.

Four different coloured Ondes VCO modules next to each other Close up of rear showing white PCB

Improved and Extended

Our Ondes VCO uses a temperature correcting pitch circuit, precision components, and also makes several improvements that increase stability over variations in voltage and temperature. For interfacing with the synth world, we have added a 1V/OCT pitch input, four position octave switch and three buffered outputs. We have also added two high-quality internal VCAs giving CV control over Octaviant (8) and Gambe (G) waveforms with illuminated level indication.

Silkscreened aluminum front panels are available in four different colours and combinations of industrial powder-coating and bead-blasted anodizing. All units go through final inspection and calibration by Therevox in Canada.

Details and Specifications


Ondes VCO Manual [PDF 61kB]


Noisebug (Pomona CA, USA)
Analogue Haven (Los Angeles CA, USA)
Found Sound (Carlton, Australia)
Schneidersladen (Berlin, Germany)