The ET-5 Series

This news series of instruments build on the success of the ET-4 and includes many improvements and new features. We are currently working on finalizing the design and building the first batch of these instruments. See a preview of the first ET-5 and sign up for the waiting list.

The ET-4 Series

Inspired by the Ondes Martenot (1928) and the Electro-Theremin (1950), the ET-4 is controlled by moving a finger along a reference keyboard shaped to provide tactile feedback. Dual pressure sensitive intensity keys control the amplitude of the ET-4's two independent analog oscillators. Combined with a low-pass filter, white noise generator and internal spring reverb the ET-4 is an expressive and versatile performance instrument. The ET-4.1 is the standard model, the ET-4.2 adds an effects loop and other features and the ET-4.3 also adds MIDI over USB output. Every ET-4 is individually hand crafted in Canada using high quality components and select North American Walnut.


Our Tweed Road Case is designed to protect your ET-4. Built by us using anodized aluminum, high quality hardware, 1" foam and covered in our own tweed fabric. This case also includes a compartment designed to hold accessories including our Expression Pedal. Using this expression pedal allows full timbral control of the ET-4's two oscillators. Includes a 5' cotton overbraid cord with Amphenol plugs to connect between instrument and pedal.